Thursday, December 22, 2005

Brokeback Molehill

One of the most acclaimed films in ages, and it's only in 60 some theatres. WTF? A twelfth sequel to a piece of crap gets a wider release. Are they afraid of theatre riots or are the studios just that homophobic?

I'm also tired of reading articles about heterosexual men going to see this movie, and whether they can stomach it? Heads being blown off, sure. Rape, murder, all great! Two butch guys going at it, it's like puting a mouse in an elephant cage. I've sat through plenty of hetero sex on the big screen and I can still manage to get through it to the story. Get a grip!


Evie Dumonde said...

Oh puh-leeze! Are there really "Diary of a Heterosexual Male Seeing Brokeback" things out there? I think a better test of manhood would be a leg-hair removal party with an Epilady (courtesy of yours truly). Shit, I'd even make up a merit badge for the widdle babies.


Lucy Starcrest said...

Here, here! I'd much rather see two juicy young bucks going at it than, say, crusty ol' Michael Douglas and some woman half his age. At least I could buy the idea of mutual attraction.

Tom said...

Yeah, if I avoided every movie with T&A in it I'd never see movies!