Monday, January 09, 2006

Conservative Christians Apparently Place Torture Over Love

So, a theatre in Utah opted to not show Brokeback Mountain (I know, shocking). What I found most interesting though is that this same theatre, the Megaplex Theatres, in the Salt Lake City area, is showing Hostel. I haven't seen Hostel, but from what I've read, it's about some American tourists traveling in Europe who get trapped by a group who pay to torture and kill victims, which the movie apparently displays in vivid detail. Now, I'm not saying to censor either film, but why not a peep from the self-proclaimed holy purveyors of what is and is not decent to watch? I'm not shocked that they are hypocrites, but I am shocked that they can be so blatant about it, and yet, continue their reign of influence on the "Land of the Free".

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MO'SH said...

Well, my only guess is that since Jesus died for their sins, and since "Hostel" is probably a piece of crap and a sin that it cost any money to make, the conservative christians are reminded of Christ when watching it.

I think I've made a perfectly legitimate argument.