Monday, January 02, 2006

Take the bus if you really need to use your phone!

Is it just me, or are people on the road getting more obnoxious? Maybe it's just around here? Between almost no one using their turn signal, people cutting me off who are paying more attention to their phone than the road, and people parking illegally such that it makes it downright dangerous to get to my apartment, I'm almost afraid to leave the house!


MO'SH said...

Yes! And those jackanapes in their SUVs should be made aware that "Compact" parking spaces are not for their jalopies. They are not allowed there! And they may not use the excuse that "it's a free country!"

Because it isn't. And especially for them.

the feeb said...

and they say i'm crazy for taking the bus.
actually that would help.

psaur said...

Those phones are like a drug. I'm specifically thinking of that scene in "Black Sheep" where Chris Farley is driving under the influence of nitrous and is stopped for going 7 MPH on the highway. Every fucking day I see some twit yammering into their cell phone, drifting here and there, g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y making a right into a parking lot with about a four-mile turning radius.

As for taking the bus, I recently tried to (it never showed, but that's what I get for trying on Christmas eve). As I waited, I had a guy on my right belching juicily every minute with an occasional hocker thrown in for good holiday measure; a guy on my left sighing loudly whenever the wrong bus came through, until he just had to tell his life story to no one in particular; and a young couple in front of my alternately making out and shouting witless comments because they obviously felt that everyone in the area should be treated to their priceless bons mots. At one point I got a good look at them, she belly-shirted and possibly eight-months pregnant (but probably not) and he mulleted and wrestling-shirted (if you wrote them as characters you'd be derided as an unimaginative perpetrator of stereotypes), and naturally, they appeared to be brother and sister, with the identical dull-witted face, like the station manager on "Frasier."
Life is beautiful. People are gross.