Saturday, March 11, 2006

Free Information: Walmart Sucks

Apparently, Walmart is paying people to say nice things about them in blogs. I wonder if they are paying these bloggers a living wage, unlike their employees?

Is it really worth paying 50 cents less for toothpaste when that results in a drain on the local economy due to the combination of Walmart employees continuing to need public assistance while their stores puts other stores who do pay a living wage out of business?

There is chatter about their putting a Walmart down the street from us. I hope not. I don't want the traffic. And I won't be shopping there.

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MO'SH said...

Yes. Shopping at Walmart is a sucker's game. "But I have a big family and low income and it's all I can afford." Bullshit. It's a chasm of banality. Boring products. Crappy clothes. And NOT cheaper prices on the whole. Just cuz Garth Brooks and Queen Latifa shop there (and you've got to realize, they don't really shop there -- that's just on the TV set), doesn't make it cool. Walmart's corporate honchos are unamerican pigs and their customers are unknowing lackeys in the destruction of free trade.

Know this, all you black-jeaned, sweatshirt-wearing saps!

See through the illusion! Use that block on top of your head for two minutes and see what's going on in this country!