Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sarah Vowell Quote

Quote from Sarah Vowell:

I attended the president's inauguration in 2001. When he took the presidential oath, I cried. What was I so afraid of? I was weeping because I was terrified that the new president would wreck the economy and muck up my drinking water. Isn't that adorable? I lacked the pessimistic imagination to dread that tens of thousands of human beings would be spied on or maimed or tortured or killed or stranded or drowned, thanks to his incompetence.

I feel like a fool. All those years of Sunday school, and still the apocalypse catches me off guard.


MO'SH said...

She's great. And I agree; I'll probably be caught off guard by the next Bush Adminstration-induced tragedy.

psaur said...

Not me! When Bush took office, I had the same vision Christopher Walken had when he grabbed Martin Sheen's arm in "The Dead Zone."

MO'SH said...

The one where he saw Martin Sheen would be president one day and Lily Tomlin would be his secretary?