Saturday, June 17, 2006

Goodnight and Good Riddance

Sounds like Dan Rather is now being pushed the rest of the way out of CBS News. I believe this is a tragedy. Rather may not have been the most exciting news anchor there ever was, but he has an integrity and capability that is rare today. The news is more about entertainment and feeding pabulum than actually presenting hard-hitting information anymore. I have nothing against Katie Couric, per se, but I do believe her being hired is furthering the dumbing down of the news. A lot is blamed on Rather's story about Bush's military duty and his unreliable source, but I think it's more about how he dared say anything terrible about our shit of a president. His sources did end up being weak, but the story was still most likely true! If the story had been about anyone else, it would not have ended a 50-year career so unceremoniously. Don't ever forget, the major news organizations are owned by large corporations and catering to them is more important than catering to the public. These corporations need government cooperation on countless projects, so it's in their best interest to not piss off the government. To close the loop on actual news possibility continuing, the Republicans are trying to get rid of NPR and control the internet.

We are so busy giving the gift of democracy in Iraq that we've forgotten about it at home!

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MO'SH said...

People who think Katie Couric is terrific are most likely as boring as Katie Couric.

How dreadful!

So what's the frequency, Kenneth?

Infrequent, Dan. Very infrequent.