Saturday, October 07, 2006

Politics over Kids

Nancy Pelosi has said it best: Republicans just don't get it; every mother in America is asking how Republicans could choose partisan politics over protecting kids, and the Republicans are still asking who could have blown their cover-up.

Yes, the cover up, the blaming, the scapegoating...all more important than the issue at hand. The Vatican was no different in response to the sexual abuse cases in the Catholic Church. Blame the victim, blame the gays, but don't blame us.

And once again, the actually perpetrator himself was slightly less heinous than the members of the power structure who worked to cover the tracks. This is bad enough, but they didn't do this to protect the country somehow during a difficult time (not that this would even be a reasonable excuse), but to protect the Party (the GOP, in particular). Once again, party loyalty trumps what is good for the US and the world.

And the gall of what some pundits have said: They didn't want to expose him for fear of coming across as homophobic. Oh, not the Republican House who wanted to write discrimination into the Constitution....yes, how they have suffered at the hands of those damn PC police. Didn't stop them from making half of American think that same-sex marriage was more frightening than terrorists.

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Anonymous said...

A little known secret is that all Republicans are child molesters.

Shh...don't tell them I told you.