Saturday, November 11, 2006

I Can't Believe It!

I'm so relieved. It's like our democracy has returned. Everyone complains about our two-party system, but I think a one-party system is much worse. Hopefully, some really crazy things can be undone. I'd like to say that some of the crazy people going home from DC will never be seen or heard from again, but you know they'll show up again. Just the fact that Rumsfeld was fired the next day was a sign that the Dems taking over Congress was a good thing! Despite the rain, it's like there's clear skies ahead.

This helped my mood when I saw what I got in the mail the other day. I often get calendars from charitable organizations hoping for a buck or two. Usually I get one from the Audubon Society or some other such organization that can really make a lovely calendar. Who sent me one this year? The Holocaust Museum! Now, I think the Holocaust Museum is great and an important place to visit and do research, but I don't want their calendar on my wall for 365 days! I like having a little more optimism than that (believe it or not). Luckily, I received this AFTER the election - otherwise, I might have thought it was a sign of where we were heading.

It's amazing how voting can offset fascism! YAY, Democrats!!

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Anonymous said...

Carefully optimistic here. Though there might be a kernel of truth in what John Oliver of "The Daily Show" joked about. It could be a trap; one that will be sprung somehow when we attempt to win the White House in 08.