Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Turn Signals and Portland

What is it with folks not using their turn signals in the Portland area?! It's something people forget everywhere, but here I'd say it's used only about 50% of the time. It can be really dangerous!

Oh, and yes, if you are in a turning lane, you do need to use your turn signal!


California Poppy said...

I find that I brought that habit back with me to CA, or maybe we brought to OR. Either way, do what all Oregonians do and blame it on Californians...its just easier that way and we like the attention. LOL!!!!!

MO'SH said...

Maybe people would use the turn signal more if a system could be devised whereby nitrous oxide is released through the air vents everytime you utilized your blinkers.

Morsel said...

Course, then you would run into more of those who never turn them off!