Sunday, February 10, 2008

Democrats/Liberals MUST Unite!

Without getting too much into the details as to why, I'm in favor of Hillary Clinton getting the Democratic nomination. If Obama gets the nomination, I will vote for him. I like him. I agree with much of what he says. I just like Clinton better.

What concerns me is the anti-Clinton comments from the Obama supporters. Would they support Clinton if she were the nominee? I'm not as sure.

I've heard everything from her being too much like Bush (crazy talk - wake up to reality), not wanting only two families to have the White House in 20 years (why should the Bushes be her fault?), to we need a change and to not go back. To that last point, change is wonderful if you know where you are going. I think Clinton knows. I seem to remember the pre-Bush years as pretty good regarding world peace and the economy. If that is going backwards, then why is that a bad change? I also think Clinton has some ideas that go beyond her husband - some of which is simply a natural growth over 8 years. Anyone worth anything grows from their experiences and learns from mistakes. I think that describes her.

Hillary seems to be vilified by so many people and undeservedly so. Some of it is due to her being a strong woman. Liberals will not admit it, but I think this affects some of them, too. I think they are also affected by Fox News and the Republicans who have done nothing but vilify the Clintons since 1992. If you filter out their rhetoric, what you are left with is competency and results. Neither are bad traits - and are traits we need right now.

Our problems are very deep right now. We need experience. I believe we were on the right track 8 years ago. Were things perfect? Of course not! As liberals/progressives we also need to realize that the president must be elected by and represent the entire country (or as much as is possible) which is pretty conservative in some places. Is Clinton more conservative than Obama? Yes, she is. That may rankle some liberals, but it may make her more electable despite her so-called "divisiveness". I honestly don't know which candidate will do better against McCain, but neither candidate will be more electable if we don't all stand behind which ever one should win the nomination.

I will gladly support Obama if he gets the nod. He's great in so many ways. If Clinton wins, will my more liberal brethren provide the same faith of support? If we can't all agree that another Republican would be worse, all is lost. McCain, while, I think, is a decent guy, is VERY conservative. He appears moderate compared to other Republicans because he does not breathe fire and brimstone like so many, but he's pro-Iraq war, anti-choice, etc. etc. Regardless of the results, now is the time for liberals and progressives to unite so we can start to fix the considerable damage of these past eight years.

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California Poppy said...

I'm with you but rather worried at the amount of hatred Clinton receives. Republicans are worrying me, those who don't like McCain will vote for him just so they don't vote for Clinton. She seriously is hated by so many people...this isn't good. I will top that off with a big FRICK!