Friday, July 04, 2008

Jesse Helms Finally Crokes

The 80's gay axis of evil is now all gone: Helms, Thurmond, and Falwell. Too bad they didn't leave us before they could commit so much damage. Helms was the best argument for allowing abortion up through the 270th trimester!

Helms was personally responsible for many evils, but what I most blame him for is allowing AIDS to blossom into a huge epidemic by preventing the government from giving information to those who needed it most because he so hated them.

His death is reason to celebrate. For those who are uncomfortable speaking badly of the dead, as Kate Clinton is surely saying: He's dead - good!

The people of hell are surely saying: there goes the neighborhood.

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Lucy Starcrest said...

I lived not too far from Jesse Helms during my (blessedly) brief stay in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I believe Michael Moore once sent the Gay Men's Chorus to serenade him at home, which was, to his credit, just a regular ol' house, not some gated McMansion. So they were able to gather on the sidewalk just outside his door while his horrified wife peered through the blinds. Too funny...