Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let's all agree!

Democracy would be so much easier if we all just agreed with each other. And disagreeing is too difficult - it's much easier if I just vilify you. You are evil which means I must be right!

This is the new discourse isn't it?

I truly believe that if you do not like the new health care bill, you should be more angry with the Republicans than with the Democrats. The Republicans overreached with their name calling and ended up being so hateful that on the last day they resorted to racial and anti-gay slurs. If I wasn't in favor of the health care bill before this I wouldn't have wanted it to pass just because of it. Maybe that would make me a bad legislator, but it's tough to not want more closely associated with the nice guys and not the hate crowd.

Despite being generally supportive of the health care reform bill, now law, I've actually agreed with some very well rationed reasons why this health care reform bill (even if you only look at its basic principals) may be a bad idea. Too bad that too few of those reasons didn't follow or proceed name calling and accusations. Maybe our diplomats should spend less time overseas and start hanging out in the halls of Congress.

One of the theories (and it is just a theory) of democracy is that different opinions can come together and reach a better solution, and not just a bloated, contradictory one. I believe that doesn't happen very often because of lack of trust. I believe this lack of discourse and trust is truly hurting our country.

Can't we at least agree on that?

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