Friday, June 17, 2011

Blame Isn't Going To Fix This One

Today we had a customer service nightmare with Sears. It's too long and boring to get into here, but they failed in multiple ways to get us what we wanted, when we wanted it, and in what should have been an easy to complete transaction. Later today, after getting candy applied to only one side of my TCBY yogurt, I thought, something isn't adding up.

The economy is in a slump. I guess I had always idealistically imagined that at times like this, we Americans get innovative. What can I do to save costs? What can I do to bring in more revenue? What new products can I produce? How can I help my neighbor and my community and myself get out of a hole.

I'm not tapped into the entire country, but in my experience, I'm not seeing that kind of spirit. Instead it's those bankers or those politicians or those terrorists. They did this. I take no responsibility for this slump at all, so it's business as usual for my part.

Well, there are certainly people more at fault than others, but we all played a part, didn't we? I mean, we made investments we didn't understand. We took out loans we couldn't afford. We voted for politicians we didn't truly research. We punish politicians who think outside the box of their party or ideology. We buy oil that creates an economic, political, and military climate that involves us with and has us giving aid to those in a part of the world where many believe we are the devil.

Fine. Be angry with the bankers who are to blame and got bailed out with bonus money. Hate the politicians who sent us to war or didn't see the economic collapse coming. Call the oil companies greedy bastards. But at some point we have to move on and take on the real work of recovery, and that takes all of us.

So, put candy on both sides of my yogurt. If you do that, maybe I'll get a large next time.

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